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The Author

The Author of the book ‘The Real Man’ is Mr. Julian Ray, who by profession is an entrepreneur, he owns a consumer products trading company, supplying to chain stores worldwide.

Julian has travelled extensively all his life, and had the good fortune over the years, of meeting successful inventors, dignitaries, businessmen and artists.

He has a philosophy of choosing to only gather the good characteristics of all teachings and ignore some of the sectors that don’t suit him; as a result he recognizes and maintains friendship with people from a broad range of ethnicities and cultures.

He has learned to maintain a win/win attitude and keep harmony with tough people and demanding business associates, to the extent that he has to effortlessly accommodate two very conflicting thoughts in his mind towards those people, but nevertheless, continue to focus on doing the right thing, for the mutual good of everyone involved and on the whole assertively progresses towards his goals and missions.

He has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Madrid, Osaka, Tokyo, and now settled in Hong Kong.

He is always internally composed, no matter what happens around him. He is ambitious, and consistently thrives for what he wants to achieve but he does enjoy himself at appropriate times with a wide range of hobbies consisting of Latin dancing, theater performances and active sports.

In addition when he makes a promise to himself to maintain a solid friendship or a partnership with someone, then to him, it is always unconditional and consistent regardless of the results and the environment.

His core business is running his trading company, plus he also enjoys learning improvisational theater, learning standup comedy, learning to play drums and playing soccer with his close friends in their soccer team.

He enjoys living in Hong Kong, particularly for the vibrancy and the tasty Chinese Cuisine.

He is generally hygienic & health conscience. His passion is reading books on psychology and evolution and now due to his philosophy of sharing his knowledge with others, he spends some time daily in writing down all his invaluable experiences plus for the reason that he is fluent in speaking 8 languages, he has been able to gather information more thoroughly on people of different cultures.

His book ‘The Real Man’ is now available in various bookstores targeted for men in their teens or older who still don’t understand women. It is mainly Julian Ray’s life time mission and goal to help as many people as possible, to focus on improving their EQ to interact without prejudice or misunderstanding with others.

(10% of the proceeds from the book will go to various charities.)

"The things you're passionate about are not random.
They are your calling."

The Real Man

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